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Providing psychotherapy for individuals and couples.
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Is depression or anxiety keeping you from fully enjoying your life? Are you struggling in a relationship, or still longing for an intimacy that eludes you? Are you moving through a life transition that is leaving you confused, uncertain or overwhelmed? Are you struggling in the face of cultural values, family's and friends' ideas for your life that don't seem to fit? The good news is that therapy can help!

In a confidential, supportive environment, you and I can address the challenges you are facing in a way that fits with your values and the preferences you hold for your life. Therapy is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor; true success can only be designed and evaluated on your terms. My expertise lies in asking questions that open up space to think about problems in new ways, enabling possibilities to arise that were previously unavailable. Together we can explore what would lead you to a more satisfying, fulfilling life and devise the unique steps for you to take to bring your dreams alive.

Other issues that may be troubling you:

  • Have you suffered a significant loss, of a person, a relationship, home or job, and you are finding it hard to get past the pain?

  • Have you lost interest in life and the activities you used to enjoy?

  • Do your friends keep telling you to snap out of it?

  • Do you find yourself caught up in repetitive behaviors that you know aren't good for you?

  • Is life just not turning out the way you had imagined or hoped?

  • Are you having trouble balancing family life with your work?

  • Is your caring for others leaving you depleted and exhausted?

Together, we can work through the difficulties that trouble you and find your way back to a life that is satisfying and meaningful.